Ibiza has been a destination for travellers, creatives and adventurers to let off steam since the 1930s. The pandemic has robbed us of our mecca and left ravers feeling like we’re about to blow.

It's also left heaps of families without their livelihoods. 

Fortnite has the features and infrastructure to serve as surrogate for the Balearic island whilst Ibiza remains locked down. 

Ibiza Royale will be free-to-play, no combat game mode in Fortnite - a social space where ravers can come together and carve out the Summer of their dreams from the safety of their homes. A mode where all the digital items profits go to Ibiza Food Bank.

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events & adventures:

interactive events

Ever dreamt of listening to Peggy Gou’s hazy house tracks while shooting down planes?

No? Lucky for you, we have.

DC-10 sits barely a kilometre from the end of the Ibiza runway. Planes fly so low you could shoot them like clay pigeons. In Ibiza Royale, you can. Every Saturday. Keep your eyes peeled for posters round the Island.

mind blowing performances

Gigs can be both limitless and totally personal in an online world

Players can get close to world class acts, interacting with the stage and becoming part of the show. Out-of-this-world production, pyrotechnics and costumes inspired by Ibiza’s club scene supercharges Fortnite’s musical offering. Combined, Ibiza’s immoderation and Fortnite’s intimacy guarantee totally unique, personal experiences for players. 

island inspired mini games

Ibiza Royale will be home to heaps of mini games, each one inspired by a different venue.


There's an escape room at the infamous Pikes, bed-wars at Ocean Beach and shooting practice at DC-10. Get your gang together and get stuck in. These games will be available soon - find them on my socials @bethanywcjones

Fortnite will also release Ibiza Royale challenges every week, keeping the game fresh and driving players to explore different parts of the island.


Partygoers aren't the only ones missing out this season - there’s a whole host of families, business owners and farmers who’s livelihood has dried up.  Players will be able to support the Ibiza community they’re joining online in real life by buying Ibiza Royale digital items to wear in the game and branded items for the real world. 

artist inspired cosmetic items

In Ibiza Royale, Once you’ve been to a live event or completed a venue challenge you’ll be able to unlock ibiza-inspired cosmetic items.

digital buys = real world giving

The Circoloco clown and world class DJs like Sam Devine are available as skins that when bought in game, a donation is made to Ibiza Food Bank. 

brand partnerships

We’ll partner with big brands like Ray-ban and Pioneer DJ to create products that can be worn in real life, to match digital items for your avatar. 

You’ll also be able to buy accessories inspired by the quirks of Ibiza like the infamous €10 water bottle.