Develop a creative concept using ​AR on Snapchat​ where Vice can complement its Climate Change editorial and have a real impact on the issue.



Every gram of cocaine sniffed in the UK destroys 4m2 of Rainforest across Latin America 

Because we're not talking about the environmental repercussions of our more illicit habits as much as our plastic waste, people don't know how bad it is, and it’s not being tackled. 


If we can't start the conversation in mass media, we'll have to find a new media.


More often than not, cocaine and weed are dispersed in baggies. So they will act as the media we communicate on. 


Vice develop baggies with AR triggers on. So, the next time you indulge, you can scan them to reveal animations which explain the damage done by your drug of choice. 

These environmentally-aware animations will link through to information on negating the damage of your vice, and petitions to regulate their production instead of prohibiting it. 

Your one gram of cocaine is affecting Panda habitats!


I am currently in the process of building a Snap Lens