Every gram of cocaine sniffed in the UK destroys 4m2 of Rainforest across Latin America 

Yet mainstream media still refuses to talk about the pollution caused by illegal habits. As if speaking about people doing drugs would be admitting immorality themselves. The problem is, people who love white powdery nights out, don't know that they're destroying the white powdery beaches they try to conserve. 

This is causing a little something I like to call Prohibition Pollution. 

Heading 1

STEP 1: The Drop

Since we can't get airtime through mainstream media, we'll reach people using a media we know only our target audience would recognise and pick up: the humble coke bindle

We'll drop them in places where a love of drugs and and a love of the environment collide. Hotspots like climate march after parties and vegan raves.  

STEP 2: The Invitation

We can't just Nancy Reagan them into submission. 35 years later, it's clear "Just say no" just doesn't work.

And since people are way more lazy than they are woke* we have to make sure we offer then an alternative inside that bindle that's not just convenient, but desirable too: an invite to the craft cocaine blowery. 

Welcome to...

STEP 3: The Blowery 

We launch a craft cocaine cafe that claims to stock everything organic & sustainable. Styled just like the refill pantries or craft beer shops that made sustainability convenient. 

Replacing plastic straws and baggies with reusable, stylish options. Things that represent who users are, their love of design and engineering. The same things that pushed people to buy Keepcups or Chilli bottles.

When the inevitable morality uproar happens, the argument will make itself. What's so bad about sustainable, ethical cocaine?